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“BULABOG” is a Filipino word that means “Disrupt a Situation in a Big Way”, like a storm creating a Big Wave in the middle of an ocean..

This is the reason behind why Bulabog Network Inc. was founded.  The incorporators desired to form a company that will help its customers create a Big Wave in their organization.

Bulabog Network Inc. strives to provide IT solutions that includes Managed Services, Network Solutions, Security Solutions, IT Audit, Assessment and Certification.

With over 30 years of experience in Information Technology, we rely heavily on understanding customers’ specific and unique requirements and craft a solution that will help them boost their businesses.  Solutions that the company is offering are not only technically sound but also adhere to the standards set forth by the clients. 

We strive to uphold our vision of becoming “A Reliable Partner in Providing IT-Based Solution that will create a BIG WAVE in its client businesses.”

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We run all kinds of IT services

It is vital to assess the performance of a system to check if it is running in accordance with the required output. The assessment provides the output of gap analysis between the existing and the accepted system in supporting products or services. IT Assessment covers auditing the process, the technology, desired reports and recommendations in degree of meeting the desired output of the products and services. The assessment includes best practice and compliance reporting aligned to industry standards. Bulabog Network Inc. offers a systematic approach of infrastructure assessment. It provides gap analysis reports, best practices and alignment to industry standards. This includes vulnerability assessment for both physical and logical security of IT infrastructure. Part of our services includes remediation of findings based on the gap analysis. Our way to provide one full service in making any organization comply with any IT industry framework and certifications. Bulabog Network Inc. can help organizations to become compliant to PCI-DSS, SOC2 Type2, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2015. These certifications are important to keep its client adhere to International Industry Standards.
Technology is a very important part in today’s business, making it a critical component of each and every company. Keeping on top of your business can be a challenging one, as the technological landscape is always changing. Faced with a lot of choices, companies often overspend on IT solutions and seem to overlook which technology expenses are really important. Managed IT services consist of outsourcing the right people for IT-related systems, from office network equipment maintenance to network security needs and even storage solutions and computing services. A few examples include Outsourced Helpdesk Support, Outsourced Network and System Administration, Network Engineers and Security Experts.
Companies and their businesses are constantly threatened by Cyber Attacks, Hacking, Malwares and other security threats. This may bring a slowdown in the operations and may close a business at its worst. Bulabog Network Inc. can help you find the right solution in addressing these security problems. Automation, monitoring and notification processes are critical factors of predicting, identifying, addressing and eliminating potential risks for an infrastructure.
High Availability - The most important benefit of a network is the high availability, which makes it a reliable infrastructure that will provide business growth. Having an IT Infrastructure that is scalable and flexible to industry changes is a vital factor to support swift and easy deployment of new services to be offered to customers. Simplicity - There is a high level of simplicity and straightforwardness that comes with an organized network system. In today's office topography, different devices and IT equipment are being utilized at the same time. Hence, running everything in a single system eliminates the complexity of having multiple infrastructures in place. Cost Effectiveness - Implementing an Integrated Network System is a cost-effective solution for running a business. Scalable and highly flexible network gives a continuous flow of information and answers the high demands placed on it. This, in turn, boosts productivity and drives business success. Enhanced Flexibility – An integrated Network System provides an enhanced level of flexibility – helping to improve company performance. It quickly and easily accommodates moves, adds and minor changes, which can reduce installation time and ensures optimum adaptability to any network infrastructure changes.
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